The Lord Is My Shepherd

There is a lovely version of The Lord Is My Shepherd, and for years I've been trying to track down who wrote it, plus the sheet music. I remembered just snatches of the lyrics, but as they differ enough from the more usual versions, I came across a discussion about it on . I quickly recorded an MP3 demo which I posted on the site, just to check it was the same one (which it was) and before long the complete lyrics had been posted, which are as follows:
The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want; I have everything that I need
Near to pastures green, by the cooling stream; Here He will revive my drooping spirit

Chorus: My Lord
Lord (Oh my Lord) be my shepherd; Let me be your sheep

My footsteps he guides on the right path, as he promises to all men
Even when I trail through the darkest vale, with his crook and staff, He gives me comfort (Chorus)

A banquet so fine He prepares for me, where my enemies all can see
Holy oil to spread and anoint my head, and my cup He fills to overflowing (Chorus)

His goodness and kindness shall follow me, and be with me, all my days
In His house divine, to the end of time, I will honour him for ever more
My Lord (my Lord) x4
I then set about writing it out from memory on some software package, which, as I can't read or write music, took a while! Someone called Elisabeth then kindly emailed me a copy that her singing teacher gave her a few years back. Unfortunately, it still had no author/publishing information. Then, a couple of people came up with the name David Palmer of Croydon, and this led me to a bit of digging about and finally contact with him, who confirmed he was the author.

'The Lord Is My Shepherd' is from his Christmas oratorio 'Holy Boy'.
Copies of music and words can be obtained direct from him:


Please note: these are for information only. If it turns out this IS the music you were looking for, please do the decent thing and support the composer David Palmer, by buying your own copy from him, rather than using my inferior copies.

1.1 17th August 2009 Written out from memory lims11.pdf lims11.mp3
*See note below
2.1 14th July 2010 Copy from Elisabeth lims21.pdf lims21.mp3
*See note below
*NB This is just to give an idea. The MP3 is output from the music software and as it ignores the repeat marks, it sounds a bit odd.