Den Miller Albums

Artwork for A Headful of Fancies (C) 2015 Frances Miller
2015: A Headful of Fancies, 11 tracks written and performed by Den Miller.
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Artwork for Be Where You Are (C) 2009 Frances Miller
2009: Be Where You Are, 12 tracks written and performed by Den Miller.
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Artwork for Still A Beautiful World (C) 2007 Frances Miller
2007: Still A Beautiful World, 10 tracks written by Den Miller and one cover.
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Artwork for Right, Where Was I? (C) 2003 Frances Miller
2003: Right, Where Was I?, all 10 tracks written by Den Miller.
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Artwork for Ta Verry Much (C) 1993 Frances Miller
1993: Ta Verry Much, by The Spooks, 6 tracks written by Den Miller and 2 by Kevin Miller.
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About Den Miller

Den Miller is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumental musician and entertaining solo performer, whose fifth studio album, A Headful of Fancies, was released to great reviews in April 2015. Den's songs mix the silly and the serious, often in the same song, but always with his trademark mission statement of a strong melody plus intelligent lyrics.

Den is both an accomplished guitarist and pianist, often using a loop pedal to play both at once, and also plays harmonica and drums. Den has an impressive vocal range and a love of singing harmony, something which the loop pedal also allows a soloist to do live. Den is versatile, happily busking rock/pop classics in the street, or playing Rogers and Hammerstein to nursing home residents, or delivering his own songs with energy, honesty and emotion.

Den is currently one third of the increasingly-less-hastily-arranged Strid and Den Miller Trio. He is also an organist, available to play classical or church music at weddings and funerals.

"Over two highly enjoyable sets, he performed every song from the album, effortlessly shifting from electric guitar, to keyboards, to acoustic guitar... Clearly warming to the positive reception, Den performed with authority and aplomb" - Nigel Schofield, Tykes News Magazine

"Denís songs are masterly: remarkably strong creations with an acutely developed pop/indie sensibility; well-crafted, first-time-accessible, often earworm-catchy, brilliantly arranged, and (in spite of all the odds) sporting a generally positive and forward-looking outlook (and a keen sense of humour) even when they deal with or discuss weighty matters" - David Kidman, Fatea Magazine

"A wonderful artist, don't miss this!" - Cathryn Craig & Strawbs' Brian Willoughby

"Anthemic words and symphonic piano make up this completely satisfying finale with a very singable refrain." - Jim Ellison, Tykes News Magazine

"Quite honestly, versatile contemporary pop-folk-styled songwriting doesn't come any more classy than this." - David Kidman, NetRhythms

"...beautifully crafted ...this is someone who works hard to get things just right. Great, intelligent lyrics." - Yorkshire Music Collective

"it works well with just voice and guitar as well as a well 'ard core band" - Tykes News Magazine

"An unusual 'take' on the world." - Baccapipes Folk Club

Den was formerly singer/guitarist of "The Spooks", a 1990s northern-UK based folk/rock band, who recorded an album, "Ta Verry Much" (why very has a double r is lost in the mists of time) which was enjoyed by a small but loyal following, none of whom were in the music industry. However, in 2006 this was digitally remastered and is now available on CD.

Although "The Spooks" stopped gigging due variously to geography, industry, matrimony and paternity, Den continued to write. There's a bit of a fast forward to 2003 when Den finally recorded a follow-up album "Right, Where Was I?", and "The Spooks" played one of the songs.

Den's second solo album, "Still A Beautiful World" was released August 2007, and contains 10 original songs which stick to Den's songwriting philosophy of strong melody plus intelligent lyrics. As well as the title track, standout tracks include "Can't Help But Miss The Sun", "Lost", and "One False Move". The only cover version, "Down By The Riverside", is a 9-part harmony a capella version of the traditional "Study War No More".

Den's third solo album, "Be Where You Are", released in 2009, is an acoustic album in order to more closely resemble his current live solo sound. It has 12 tracks written specifically to perform solo and live.

Den's fourth solo album, "A Headful of Fancies", is full of sing-a-long songs, like the anti-racist "England" song and "Don't Fail Me Now, My Heart".

Den has also played on various albums recorded by comedy band "Naked Flames" which features his brothers Mick & Joe, as well as on studio recordings for other artists.

Den is keen to gig more in Yorkshire and beyond, so please get in touch if you are a venue requiring a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. Den is also an acoustic regular at folk clubs across Yorkshire, including Skipton, Topic (Bradford) and Keighley (Baccapipes) folk clubs.

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